Bioinformed Design

Dr Jessica Green “We’re covered in germs. Let’s design for that”

Dr Green’s ‘bioinformed design’ is cutting edge built environment thinking. Humans carry 10 times as many Bacterial cells as human cells and they are essential for health. They are everywhere and we need to be more aware of microorganisms in our ecological planning. Trying to eradicate bacteria from the human habitat is pointless (yet most of us attempt to o it daily) and harmful to our health while the chemicals used to clean are harmful to our ecosystems. Dr Green and Charlie Brown (Architect) are pioneering what will one day be common place. Just as probiotics are now becoming widespread (assisting our microbiome as opposed to trying to eradicate it) bioinformed built environments will promote healthy bacterial ecosystems that provide positive health services to all biological organisms within that ecosystem.
Office buildings and hospitals are a major source of infection and Dr Green highlights this. Considering the amount of time most of spent in offices or contained buildings this is a good place to start with bioinformed design and retrofitting. Whether we all will become experts in microbiology to the point of understanding this concept is another matter. The relatively recent rise in popularity on Biophilia has paved the way for a more complex deeper aspect of ecology (microorganisms). If humans have an innate love of living things (plants, trees, etc) we must also learn to love all aspects of these living things. Our health and integrity depends on us going deeper than caring for only what we can see.

via Jessica Green: We’re covered in germs. Let’s design for that. | TED Talk |


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