Doggerel – Online magazine of Arup in North and South America

What we do

Doggerel (formerly known as Arup Connect), the online magazine of Arup in North and South America, provides an on-the-ground perspective of innovation in the built environment. Like the firm’s designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists, our editorial staff prioritizes creativity and seeks out complex challenges, sharing insights about design at all scales.

What we cover

We explore the ideas that matter most for the built environment today and in the years to come, from trends reshaping entire disciplines to technical modifications that open new possibilities for a single project. We source stories from within the firm and beyond, spotlighting the work of clients, collaborators, competitors, and others who push industry boundaries.

Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services.

Our content is organized into six categories, while our archive offers customizable navigation.

Design. Design plays out at multiple levels, from regional masterplans that account for rising sea levels to lighting installations that redefine public space.

Cities. The city scale provides unique opportunities to understand the systemic challenges and opportunities facing the planet.

Resilience. In an increasingly complex world, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and recover from extreme events is more important than ever.

Mobility. The systems that move people and goods leave a deep imprint on their surroundings.

People. Spotlighting designers, policymakers, business leaders, and others provides a deeper understanding of the forces that influence the built environment.

The future. The future of our buildings, cities, and regions depends on asking better questions — and developing better solutions — today.

Who we are

Our editorial team collaborates with the firm’s technical staff as well as independent journalists, researchers, designers, and artists.

Why the name

“Ove Arup is mostly remembered as an engineer of genius — those who knew him more personally realized that he was first and foremost a philosopher, a seeker after truth, who was actively engaged in finding out as much as he could about life: how it should be lived, what answers there are to mankind’s eternal questions, in short ‘what the whole thing is about.’”    —Anja Liengaard, Ove’s daughter, in the introduction to Doodles and Doggerel

Published in 1989, the book Doodles and Doggerel showcases the bold, playful drawings and poetry that founder Sir Ove Arup created throughout his lifetime. The collection offers a glimpse into the creative spirit that continues to guide the company today. Our online magazine continues this tradition with the name Doggerel.

Read more about Ove and see both doodles and doggerel here.


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