Shit Gets Real with Amitabh Kant – Sustainable built environment challenges in India

Skip to 19:00 in the video to hear Amitabh Kant talk of mind boggling figures (700 million people urbanising by 2050 in India; 14 million new mobile phone users a month; etc.) and avoiding mistakes made by the West.

What are the challenges of the 21st century that cities most urgently need to tackle? What is ranking top on political agendas for sustainable urban settlements? Is technology providing the necessary new tools for them to be more sustainable, inclusive, innovative, and economically successful?

Key Speaker:
· Larry Ng Lye Hock – Urban Design Director – Urban Redevelopment Authority – Singapore – Singapore
· Sam Adams – Executive Director – City Club of Portland – Portland – USA
· Amitabh Kant – CEO & Managing Director – Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation – New Delhi – India
· Sylvie Spalmacin-Roma – Vice President, Smarter Cities, Europe – IBM – Paris – France
· Nicholas Brooke – Chairman – Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation – Hong Kong – Hong
· Antonio Alfonso Avelló – International Department Director – FCC Environmental Services – Madrid –

Cristiana Fragola – Regional Director, Europe – C40 – Milan – Italy

via Sustainable built environment. SB Plenary – The future of urban sustainability – YouTube.