Green Gutters

This green gutter is located in Kensington, Sydney. The heritage sandstone residences are complemented by the lush greenery. All of these plants are in pots so I’m assuming the residents share the watering duties. With a street like this (and property prices like these), I’m sure the residents don’t mind the task of watering.

I found this little Alley Garden in Surry Hills. I bet this alley was once considered pretty dangerous to walk down. With this shared garden greening the area it’s an inviting attraction and a feature of the gentrified neighbourhood. For first timers like me it was a treat.

My favourite little laneway. A little oasis in Eveleigh not far from Carriage Works. On a hot summers day this shady little lane is a real treat. As i explore Sydney’s inner suburbs I’m constantly surprised at the implementation of green public spaces. Ideas that i wanted to implement in other cities and towns have already been done here. So many good examples to follow here.