Reconciliation Park, Redfern

Redfern’s Reconciliation Park has received it’s long awaited makeover including a tree house playground, community garden, new paving, wider paths, and extra seating. Since i have been living in the area there had been a large cyclone type fence blocking the George St Entrance to the park keeping me out but curious. As i rode past yesterday i noticed the fence was gone and the park invited me in. An adult couple who were walking past were also drawn in to explore. They can be seen in the images playing on the play equipment. The City Of Sydney held and info session about the makeover in 2013 and consulted with Darlington Primary School children on designs for the park. The school kids’s ideas were incorporated into the designs. The original concept plan included a “possible community garden” and a specific site was included for the community garden but, unfortunately, it looks like it may have been dropped or postponed. The proposed community garden has been left unpaved and consists of an area about 5 X 3 meters up against a neighbouring wall (and someones bathroom window) which could easily have some corrugated above ground garden beds installed at a later date. If not, this spot would make a great family bbq area.  However, the new rain garden really is beautiful piece of landscaping and the sandstone retaining walls around the garden look amazing hinting at Sydney’s early convict masonry. The new paths look like recycled bricks have been used and compliment the sandstone rain garden retaining walls. Judging by old photos of the site this is a huge improvement with the old pavers looked grey, square, and boring. The ‘Think Locally, Act Globally” mural is retained as a feature with minimal tree removal making the mural more visible. I hope the curious couple don’t mind being photographed playing like a couple of kids enjoying their new park.

Reconciliation Park history

Concept Plan – pdf


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